Manage whistleblowing
and disclosure, easily

The FREE online disclosure portal

It is not always easy for individuals in any organisation to highlight their concerns about legal or ethical issues in their organisation. Often the largest hurdle is the lack of anonymity when individuals do want to raise concerns.

A significant barrier to responsible disclosure is the lack of clear, publicised systems and processes that enable whistleblowing and protect the discloser. As regulations develop, so does the need to offer a secure and easy way to handle serious stakeholder concerns with discretion and probity.

The CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ empowers organisations to offer a compliant solution, but also a clear process management system – from reporting, through to investigation and resolution.

System led Whistleblower Procedures Can Strengthen an organisation’s Corporate Governance

The CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ is a free cloud-based reporting tool. Offering a consolidated approach to whistleblowing for organisations, the Portal provides a robust solution to handling Disclosure responsibly and ethically.

  • Be more compliant
  • Maintain and monitor whistleblowing policies and processes
  • Help mitigate potential legal, financial and reputational harm
  • Investigate internal risk
  • Encourage reporting of issues affecting profitability
  • Improve employee morale and satisfaction
  • Discourage leaking of sensitive information externally

Compliance and control


Provides visible and transparent processes to manage Disclosure, through to investigation and resolution. The CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ enables organisations to be more compliant and helps them identify wrong doing before they spin outside the organisation’s control.