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Your CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ can be branded with your company logo which you can upload. Your portal will also have a unique URL for your organisation. The CGFirst® branding will remain on the portal. CGFirst® is the brand that is providing the trust between the user and the organisation, using their third party status to perform the task of trusted intermediary.

The CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ is completely free to use. There are no direct costs associated with implementing this platform.

Yes, the CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ is completely private for users and for organisations. Firstly, users are never asked for any personal identifiable information. The entire submission is encrypted too. Submissions are encrypted and so not visible to CGFirst® employees – we can not see your private information.

CGFirst® will never resell your data to third parties. You will receive a small number of emails from us after you register. These will be emails designed to help you get the most from the CGFirst® suite. You will only receive each email once and you will be able to opt out of future emails if you feel you have learned how to get the most from the portal yourself.

In certain jurisdictions you may be required by law to provide a tool like this to facilitate whistleblowing. However even if there is no legal requirement to provide a facility like this, it is still widely regarded as good corporate governance practice.

All the data that is submitted to the portal is saved on a state of the art dedicated cloud host. All files and content are encrypted and stored securely. If you want to know more about where your CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ will be hosted, please contact us.

All content submitted to the portal is encrypted between the user’s computer and the server using Transport Layer Security. The database is also encrypted at rest.

CGFirst® is a UK based company that provides board management software with a focus on corporate governance. If you are interested in the CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ you may want to explore the rest of the CGFirst® suite too.

fastfwd is a technology company based in the UK which has produced the CGFirst® suite and the Disclosure Portal™ in collaboration with leading governance professionals.

No the CGFirst® Disclosure Portal™ is completely free. We may add new features in the future that may have additional charges but the basic app you can get today will not be chargeable.

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