CGFirst™ is an online platform created by directors whose mission it is to take board meetings into the next generation of technology. From meeting invites to documentation, everything you could need for every meeting is accessible from our app on your phone or tablet. With training, guidance and reminders this platform ensures your corporate compliance is always met.

  • Board meetings

    Easily organise and manage meetings, upload agendas, minutes and other documents. Create matters for vote on key issues, and annotate documents to increase productivity.

  • Incorporation documents

    Storage for all of your key formation documents, include Articles of Association and Memoranda, all in one place – safe, secure and accessible.

  • Corporate admin calendar

    Keep on top of your Corporate Governance, with powerful organisational and calendaring tools so you never miss a deadline.

  • Committee meetings

    Manage committee members and organise committee meetings with all the details and documentation secured through CGFirst™.

  • Electronic voting

    Manage important issues for decision by voting on them before board meetings. With its easy to use voting module, the CGFirst™ app can conduct a vote without a meeting.

  • Register of seals

    Keep an accurate record of all uses of seals within the organisation, enabling directors to easily and securely access valuable information about delegated authorities.

  • Filings & returns

    By keeping everything you need in one place we help you store all documents and track reminders for document reviews and submissions to your regulator.

  • Agenda buider

    The agenda builder enables users to flexibly and collaboratively build-up meeting agendas for board meetings, facilitating input from multiple users. Agenda documents can be automatically generated.

  • Document library

    All company documentation is securely saved and backed up in the library. Easily accessible through CGFirst™.

  • Form builder

    Easily create and edit management forms using the intuitive form builder. Collect and view submissions online.

  • Auditor access

    Full access for auditors to demonstrate transparency and openness. Auditors can have read-only access to all records, to conduct a full review.

  • Director records

    Multiple access levels mean that director records can be kept secure and up to date, including documentation, forms and training records.

  • Discussion board

    Directors can discuss topics online, outside of board meetings to maintain momentum for ongoing initiatives, and to propose new matters for the next meeting.

  • Director training plan

    Use our unique Learning Management System to build up training programs and assign them to your directors and board members. Get the best value from your team by ensuring they are always up to date.

  • Reporting

    By providing transparent reporting on the activity of the board and committees, CGFirst™ enables you to demonstrate leadership in Corporate Governance.

  • Shareholder records

    Keep a secure and up to date record of each shareholder or member in one place using CGFirst™. Changes are tracked through the audit log.

  • Scheme of delegation

    Keep a clear, accurate and up to date record on CGFirst™ of all actions undertaken within your scheme of delegation.

  • Governance code compliance

    CGFirst™ shows all the different steps your business needs to take to ensure it is compliant with your chosen governance code.

  • Risk Monitor

    Keep decision makers up to date on the probability and impact of all risks the company faces, and record mitigation provisions in place using the CGFirst™ risk monitor.

  • Learning System

    Training is a vital part of good governance. The CGFirst™ Learning System enables companies to create bespoke interactive training courses. This helps Board Members become fully equipped to deal with the varied challenges of their role.